Active fund management

Enter Fonder is a fund management company founded in 1999 engaging in active fund management of equity and fixed income funds and mixed funds. Active fund management means that the funds invest in order to enable clear positive outcomes in relation to the underlying index. The goal is to create the best possible return at a reasonable risk. As a measure of the degree of active management, we present “active share” on a monthly basis for our equity funds.

Savers and investors demand that Enter Fonder’s fund assets are invested in companies that take social, ethical and environmental concerns in their business. We are cooperating with Sustainalytics to ongoing review and rate companies and their actions. The outcome of the ongoing audit is integrated into Enter Fonder’s investment process through a direct link to the valuation of each company.

Contacts with portfolio companies

Our funds invest in Swedish equities and fixed income. In Sweden there is a diversity of world-leading companies with strong finances and great history that we believe can create a good foundation for the future. Therefore, our fund managers are specialized in Swedish equities and fixed income securities.

We believe that close contacts with the companies and their management is essential to achieve the highest possible quality in management. Therefore, we regularly meet with the management of our portfolio companies and visit factories around Sweden. This contacts are an important basis for our analysis of the companies.