Vilhelm Böhme

Responsible for Sustainability Research

Vilhelm holds a Master of Science degree with focus on financial mathematics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and studies in economics at Stockholm University. Vilhelm is a member of the Operations team.

Ulrica Alexander Cloud

Marketing assistant

Ulrica works with marketing and sales of Enter Fonders products. She has previously worked as executive and marketing assistant at Magnusson Law.

Mohammed Farahani

CFO and Deputy CEO of Enter Fonder AB

Mohammed is CFO and Deputy CEO at Enter Fonder. Mohammed has previously worked at KPMG as a Chartered Accountant. He holds an MBA from the Stockholm University and HEC Lausanne.

Göran Fock

Trading/Equity research

Göran is part of the fund management team at Enter. He previously worked at Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken where he has been a broker for 20 years.

Nathalie Gylling


Nathalie is a member of the Operations team. She has previously worked as Investment Controller at Danske Capital AB. Nathalie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Lund University.

Jon Hyltner

Fund manager Equities

Jon has worked as a stock analyst at Handelsbanken Capital Markets. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Gothenburg.

Jeremias Jansson


Jeremias is a member  of the Operations team. He has a Bachelor of Science from KTH and the National University of Singapore as well as an ongoing Master in Real Estate and Construction with a focus on financial economics.

Pia Jensen


Pia is a member of the Operations team. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Stockholm University and has a Diploma in Business Finance from IHM Business School in Stockholm.

Henrik Lindquist

CEO of Enter Fonder AB

Henrik has worked with discretionary portfolios and portfolio management for over 20 years and is responsible för Sales at Enter Fonder. He has an MBA from Gothenburg University. Henrik is one of the founding partners of Enter Fonder.

Sten Lindquist

Head of Equity management/Fund manager Equities

Sten is one of the founding partners of Enter Fonder and responsible for the equity management. He has studied economics at Gothenburg School of Economics and Stockholm University.

Daniel Nordkvist

Investor Relations

Daniel is responsible for Investor Relations for institutional clients. He has 20 years of experience from banking and most recently comes from Danske Bank where he has been responsible for the sale of post trade services to Swedish institutional customers. Daniel holds a Master’s degree from Linköping University with a focus on strategy and marketing.

Erik Paulsson

Fund manager Equities/Analyst

He has extensive experience as an equity analyst and most recently came from a position as Senior Equity Analyst at Nordea. Erik holds a B.Sc. & M.Sc., Business Administration and Economics – Major in Finance from Stockholm University.

Cecilia Persson

Fund manager Equities

Cecilia has earlier worked at Alfred Berg where she was as a stock manager and analyst. Cecilia holds a Master’s degree in Financial Economics from Stockholm University.

Gustaf Tegell

Head of Fixed Income/Fund Manager Fixed Income

Gustaf is Head of Fixed Income at Enter. Previously Gustaf has worked as a portfolio manager at Quesada Asset Management. Gustaf holds a BA, Economics and a M.Sc,  Industrial management and engineering – Financial Mathematics from Lund University.