The trade calendar shows the days our funds are closed for trading or closes earlier (half day).
On days when a fund is closed for trading purchases and sales of fund shares will be carried out the next trading day. When a fund closes earlier (half day), the request for the purchase or redemption must be provided not later than 11:00 am.

The heading ”Swedish equities” refers to the funds Enter Sverige, Enter Sverige Pro, Enter Select, Enter Select Pro and Enter Småbolagsfond.

The heading ”Fixed income” refers to the funds Enter Preserve, Enter Cross Credit and Enter Return.

2020 Swedish equities Fixed income
January 1, 6 1, 6
April 9 (half day), 10, 13, 30 (half day) 9 (half day), 10, 13, 30 (half day)
May 1, 20 (half day), 21 1, 20 (half day), 21
June 19 5 (half day), 18 (half day), 19
October 30 (half day) 30 (half day)
December 24, 25, 31 23 (half day) 24, 25, 30 (half day), 31