Enter Select Pro has, unlike from Enter Select a fee structure with a fixed fee and a performance fee. SEK. The fund is a non-UCITS fund with its focus on Swedish equities which is, or within one year is intended to be, listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange or authorized marketplace or are regularly traded on another regulated market in Sweden. The management of the fund is governed by valuation potential without regards to their capital weight on the Stockk Exchange. The fund has approx. 20-25 shares in its portfolio.

The fund in brief

Type of fund: Swedish non-UCITS fund
Benchmark: OMXS50EW™
Management fee: Management fee 0,5% (fixed fee) per year to the fund company + maximum 0,10% (actual outcome for 2020 0,51%) for other expenses such as depositary fees, fees to the regulatory authority for supervision and fees to auditor. No subscription or redemption fees. In addition there is a performance fee equal to 25% of the fund’s return exceeding the return of the benchmark index.
Fund manager: Sten Lindquist and Cecilia Persson
Risk: The risk expressed as standard deviation (3 years) is 19,43% (2021-02-28).
The fund’s inception date: 2004-02-06
Bankgiro: 5702-7302
ISIN: SE0001172362
Subscription and redemption: Daily on banking days.

Please find below NAV for the fund on daily, monthly and yearly basis as well as since start.


Sten Lindquist, fondförvaltare

Sten Lindquist, fund manager

Cecilia Persson, fund manager

Erik Paulsson, fund manager