Investing in Sweden since 1999

Enter Fonder is an independent and active fund management firm investing in Swedish equities and fixed income. In Sweden, there is a diversity of world-leading companies with strong finances and excellent track record that we believe can create a good foundation for the future. That is why our managers have specialized in Swedish equity and fixed income for decades.

As fundamental investors a corner stone of our analysis is close dialogues and a high level of interaction with the companies we invest in. Our investment philosophy focus on sustainable quality companies supported by positive short term trends at a reasonable price.

All investments are made on their own merits with no consideration to benchmark weights. The investments are made with a long-term view and we do not attempt to time market fluctuations. As long-term investors with concentrated portfolios on relatively few holdings we create good conditions for a close and active dialogue around critical sustainability issues with our portfolio companies.

Our customers consists of both institutional investors and private individuals, and our fund range is currently available at several insurance companies, platforms and banks in the Swedish market.

Enter was founded in 1999 and is a part of the Pareto Group since 2016.

Our Equity and Fixed Income Funds

Enter Sverige
Enter Sverige Hållbar Tillväxt
Enter Select
Enter Småbolagsfond
Enter Micro Cap
Enter Cross Credit
Enter Klimatfokus Ränta

Trading Information

Here you can find trading table, fund information as well as customer registration form.

If you would like to invest in our funds please contact:
Daniel Nordkvist
Institutionel Sales

Please contact Daniel on email or phone + 46-708-35 21 22.

Henrik Lindquist

Please contact Henrik on email or phone +46-70-693 57 13.

Our Sustainability Work

Since our company started in 1999, we have worked according to an investment philosophy that is based on a closeness to the companies and the market in which we operate. We are an independent fund management firm and always carry out our own company analysis. This has colored our sustainability work, which is a natural part of the investment process and characterizes the investment throughout the holding period.

Sustainability in the Investment Process

We are convinced that sustainability and financial results are strongly connected. The transition that is taking place into a more sustainable society means many new opportunities from an investment perspective. Sustainability characterizes our entire organization, but in order for us to be able to carry out efficient and effective sustainability work, the manager’s involvement and commitment is crucial.

Sustainable Investments – from Analysis to Investment Decision

Our sustainability work is based on our strength as active and specialized investors. We are experts on the companies we invest in and the market in which they operate. Like much else in the world of a listed company, sustainability issues are complex with many difficult-to-interpret nuances that rarely allow themselves to be explained in numbers and figures. Forming your own opinion is therefore central to being able to make well-founded decisions. For that reason, we have developed our own model for sustainability analysis.

The analysis model gives us room to combine quantitative data points with our own experiences and judgments. The sustainability analysis is carried out for all investments and is used as a basis for our investment decisions and in the ongoing dialogue with the companies. As part of our sustainability analysis each company is evaluated based on its individual sustainability risks and how the company manages these risk. Both environmental, social and corporate governance issues are assessed in our analysis.

In our analysis model, we also evaluate the companies based on opportunities generated by the sustainable transition. Ultimately, it is the companies that will drive this transition through new innovative solutions and more efficient production methods. Here, good opportunities for growth will be created for skilled companies. When we assess a company’s sustainable opportunities, we do so based, among other things, on four sustainable themes derived from the UN’s sustainability goals: sustainable cities, health and safety, energy and climate efficiency, and sustainable consumption, production and financing.

Our sustainable analysis is based on several aspects with extra focus on the companies’ work on gender equality, biological diversity and their work to reduce their climate impact in line with the Paris Agreement.

We integrate sustainability analysis into investment decisions

Our sustainability analysis is always carried out in consultation between our sustainability analysts and managers. In our broad Sweden funds, the outcome of our sustainability analysis is also quantitatively integrated into the analysis model the manager uses as support to calculate a justified price for our investments. In this way, it is ensured that sustainability issues have a direct and well-balanced impact in the company analysis.

The involvement and commitment of the individual manager is crucial for our sustainability work to be effective. The manager’s experience, knowledge and relationship with the companies is an important contribution to the analysis. Finally, it is also the manager who has the mandate to make investment decisions. The sustainability analysis created by our sustainability analyst serves here as an effective basis for discussion and as a guide in the manager’s work.

The outcome of our sustainability analysis is also integrated as a risk parameter in the analysis model that the manager uses as support for calculating a justified price for an investment in our broad Swedish funds. The analysis is based on our forecasts of future profits and leads to a justified price for the share. This means that a share that looks attractive according to traditional company valuation may have a lower value due to sustainability risks.

Through our approach, we ensure that sustainability issues become a natural part of the entire investment process and that they have a direct and well-balanced impact in the company analysis.

To learn more about Enter’s Sustainability work, please contact:
Vilhelm Böhme
Ansvarig för Hållbarhetsanalys

Vilhelm är ansvarig för bolagets hållbarhetsanalys. Han har en civilingenjörsexamen med inriktning på finansiell matematik från KTH och har studerat ekonomi på Stockholms universitet. Vilhelm ingår i bolagets Operations team.

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